Day 1

Gone Fishin’

Rob Barrett

Day 2

Mince Pie

Kerry Lemon

Day 3


Tim Easley

Day 4


Willa Gebbie

Day 5

Polar Bear

Andrew Till (Bambu App)

Day 6

Christmas on the South Bank

Katriona Chapman

Day 7

Season's Greeting

Liz Lewis

Day 8

Winter Wishes

Chloe Douglass

Day 9


Olivia Brotheridge

Day 10

Skating Cats

Vicky Scott

Day 11

Snowy Trafalgar, London

Rosie Woods

Day 12

For Me?

Lara Crow

Day 13


Amy Abbott

Day 14

Percy Pud

Ella Goodwin

Day 15

Christmas Stag

Sharon Farrow

Day 16

Happy Holidays

Amberin Huq

Day 17

Can You Spot the Hidden Claus?

Rod Hunt

Day 18


Francis Blake

Day 19

Music Angel

Drawn by Hind

Day 20


Stephen Cheetham

Day 21

Be Merry…

Natalia Talkowska

Day 22

Partridge in a Pear Tree

Sarah Underwood

Day 23

Mysterious Santa

Will Dot Adams

Day 24

Happy Holidays!

Yo Illo

Yo Illo Advent Calendar 2012

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