Yo Illo's Monthly Meetup

September's Meetup date to be announced soon…

You must have just missed us! Our monthly pub meetups are usually announced around two weeks in advance. Typically, they're on a Wednesday night, somewhere in the middle of the month.

Keep checking back here for the latest details, or — even better — sign up to our mailing list to get notified as soon as our next meetup is announced.

In the meantime, why not take a look at our blog articles or head along to one of the other great illustration events taking place around London?

Illustration of a wristwatch

  • 100 Cats

    Thu 11 – Sun 14 September, 2014

    A group exhibition of feline themed art and illustration.

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  • They Walk Among Us

    Fri 22 Aug – Wed 24 Sep, 2014

    In this showcase, Sarah Underwood returns to a regular theme, her lifelong love of animals. Her menagerie is playfully personified in various ways to hold a mirror to our own personalities and ask, “If animals led our lives, would we treat them any differently?”

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  • ZOO (LHR) Exhibition

    Fri 11 Jul – Wed 1 Oct, 2014

    Exhibiting in Islington until October, a group of unique artists were invited to create work to a very open brief. That brief was: ZOO.

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